Astaro Security Gateway

Astaro WebAdmin is intuitive, so even basic users can build rules and make changes without special training. All configuration done with included WebAdmin GUI Offers over 7000 IDS patterns standard, in addition to firewall, VPN, routing, NAT, and more. VPN Performance from 50-600+ Mbps using AES or 3DES technology in various configurations. ASG base model 120 offers 512MB RAM, with up to 4GB on higher models. Uses latest processors from Intel. SSL VPN Support comes Standard /w Unlimited clients included free of charge.

Cisco Pix

Proprietary command line IOS interface is intended for certified personnel only. Rudimentary GUI supported offered via the Cisco Device Manager only Acts as a firewall/vpn/router only. IPS has limited patterns/attacks base. VPN Performance under 100 Mbps Low hardware specifications yield poor throughput. (32MB RAM, 16 MB flash RAM) No SSL Roadwarrior VPN support.